making music to fill in the blanks


She is everyone and no one.

And sometimes she's different people. Really.

What does "TABiTHA RASA™" mean?

It is a pun on the Latin phrase "tabula rasa."

What does "tabula rasa" mean in English?

"Blank slate."


TABiTHA RASA™ is a music project that makes synth wave/pop featuring some of the best female singers from around the world right now — before they become a household name. We write and produce songs tailor-made to their unique voices. Catchy. Provocative. Infectious songs.

Our music is our own style and not quite like anything out there (otherwise, why do it?), but the closest thing to it would be Shakespeare’s Sister, St. Vincent and a female-fronted Depeche Mode in oneIn our music, the singer/song/production relationship rules. The best singer for the song, the best song for the singer, the best production for that singer with that song. (Again, otherwise why do it?)

We will be releasing 6 tracks in 2021 with 6 different singers. If you’re a female singer who’s interested in making music with us and singing one of those tracks, you should send us a message with a link to your singing and we’ll send you a link to our music so you can see if you like what we do. (Serious, career-oriented singers only, please!)

This is a paid gig.

We will promote each release heavily. There will be a concentrated advertising campaign for each song — we can’t guarantee you’ll gain a jillion followers, but we can guarantee to put the ads with your song & your image in front of people who would like this music. We’re professionals — we don’t make music so it can gather dust in a lonely corner of Spotify. Gotta let the people know. 

If you’d like to know more, scroll down for the bizness stuff. Then send us a link to your music in the form below. Or drop us a line if you just have questions. (You will never get an email from us except regarding working on the project.)

Please send us a link to your singing in the form below! If you do not send us a link where we can hear your music, then we shan't reply to you.
REALITY CHECK: If you are serious about your career, if you're ready to do the work, please contact us. This is not for someone who sings into their hairbrush in front of their mirror. We think it's more fun to defy the stereotypes about flakey musicians and make music that's going places! Talent will open a door, but only talent + hard work will actually get you through it. We're not here to "discover" you, we're here to collaborate & work with you.
Before microphones, singers sang into their hands.


TABiTHA RASA™ is also looking for another producer. We’ve gotten so many great singers to work with that we’d like to speed up the workflow by adding another producer.  We’d love to hear from any producer/keyboard player who lives and breathes the synth wave style. Female/POC producers are especially encouraged to reach out! 

This is a paid gig.

The reasons you’d want to do it is:

1. You love this music.
2. Raised visibility cuz we’re promoting it.
3. We’re fun to work with and not insane.
4. This is a paid gig like you’d get on Soundbetter, etc.

For those who’ve been in the business more than five minutes, you know how valuable reason #3 is ;) 

Reach out through the form to the left or hit us up at Info ( @ ) tabitharasa (dot) com.

Bizness Stuff

Singers receive a session fee for recording the song, plus royalties from every use of the song they sing — streaming, downloads, sync licenses, etc.  This split goes to the singer directly from the streaming services. We are producers, not a record label, so we don’t deal with that once it’s all set up for everyone.  Contracts outlining everything will be signed before recordings are made, and are on a song-by-song basis, so you are never obligated beyond the one song.

Nope. All songs are already written.  But in the future, co-writing opportunities may happen as they do when creative types engage in propinquity.

  • Sing your heart out on the track. If you don’t have a home studio, we will rent one local to you. To be clear: we will cover all expenses for recording in advance and promoting the songs.
  • Give us material for our social media team to use to promote you: pictures, videos, quotes, etc. You decide what your image will be and we’ll promote it. If you don’t have photos already, we’ll hire a photographer local to you for the song release photo.
  • Most likely there will be a music video. You’ll need to perform in that. We will produce the video with a small budget, enough to make it look good, but it will be simple enough to produce remotely to wherever you are. (We take care of all those expenses in advance.)
  • Interact with your audience on instagram and one other social media platform of your choice. Post at least once a week for the fans we’re going to find for you — something simple or just “hello!” is fine. Even posting “I don’t feel like posting today” is fine. Just be you, please. 
  • There are no tours, no live shows in this project. It’s all streaming and online.
  • Please agree to do this for 6 months after release to give the song momentum. 

Nope! It’s great if you do, but we have a team that is going to push push push to get an audience for you.

Uh, no. You decide on your image. As long as you don’t post pictures of yourself strangling puppies, it doesn’t matter what it is. Of course, we’re happy to consult with you, and you’d be wise to pick an image that goes with the music so that fans aren’t confused in the beginning.

You control your image and your life ;)  We just control the song you sang on.

This won’t interfere with that. This is a one-song feature deal and is non-exclusive. We’re happy to work with your label and existing team. I’m sure your team will be happy to have someone else promoting you for free ;)

Gee whiz, you’re suspicious!* The catch is that the singer and the project have to be a good fit. We’ve looked at a lot singers — there is a lot of talent in the world. But our music isn’t right for every singer and vice versa.  Not every Lennon grows up near their McCartney. We’re easygoing and respectful to work with and seriously committed to the project, and when we find singers that fit in with that, then some really great music can happen. And because the internet makes it possible to communicate and make music from everywhere, we came up with this project.

*You should be, you don’t know us. But you will never be asked to spend money on anything and then wait for “reimbursement.” If there are any recording-related expenses, we take care of them in advance. And everything’s in writing. 

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