making music to fill in the blanks


She is everyone and no one.

And sometimes she's different people. Really.

What does "TABiTHA RASA™" mean?

It is a pun on the Latin phrase "tabula rasa."

What does "tabula rasa" mean in English?

"Blank slate."

Our first single "Waves"

featuring Mary Vaughn

is now available on Spotify.

The Tabitha Rasa Artists

Elodie Adams

Elodie Adams

Julia Smith

Jemma Johnson

Mary Vaughn

Sirius Liu

Before microphones, singers sang into their hands.

TABiTHA RASA™ is a music project that makes synth wave/pop featuring some of the best female singers from around the world right now — before they become a household name. We write and produce songs tailor-made to their unique voices. Catchy. Provocative. Infectious songs.

Our music is our own style and not quite like anything out there (otherwise, why do it?), but the closest thing to it would be St. Vincent and a female-fronted Depeche Mode in one. And our most pop sounding songs are like a female driven The Weeknd.  In our music, the singer/song/production relationship rules. The best singer for the song, the best song for the singer, the best production for that singer with that song. (Again, otherwise why do it?)

We will be releasing a new single every month starting in December 2021 with 6 different singers. If you’re a female singer who’s interested in making music with us and singing one of those tracks, you should send us an email at: info  @ with a link to your singing.



TABiTHA RASA™ is also looking for another producer. We’ve gotten so many great singers to work with that we’d like to speed up the workflow by adding another producer.  We’d love to hear from any producer/keyboard player who lives and breathes the synth wave style. Female/POC producers are especially encouraged to reach out! 

The reasons you’d want to do it is:

1. You love this music.
2. Raised visibility cuz we’re promoting it.
3. We’re fun to work with and not insane.

For those who’ve been in the business more than five minutes, you know how valuable reason #3 is ;) 

Reach out through Info ( @ ) tabitharasa (dot) com.

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